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Published February 24th 2021

Introducing The Chrome Extension: Get Share Counts, Links & Performance Data In Your Browser

Get The Free BuzzSumo Chrome Extension

BuzzSumo has 8bn+ articles in its index – with more added every day. That equates to the world’s largest bank of social engagement data. And now you can access it on the go with the BuzzSumo Chrome Extension.

Used by over 30k marketers, the Chrome Extension is available to all users – free and paid – via the Google Chrome Store. You can install it here.

The Chrome Extension auto-populates content performance metrics with every new URL you visit, making it a crucial time saver for informing your content, competitor and digital PR strategies.

What the Chrome Extension includes

The extension surfaces key performance data from within the BuzzSumo Content Analyzer, including:

  • Total engagement
  • Facebook engagement
  • Twitter engagement
  • Pinterest engagement
  • Reddit engagement
  • Evergreen scores
  • Number of links

It also allows you to dive into the platform for deeper analysis, via Page Actions & Website Actions, and to Save Article content to a Project for future analysis.

Page Actions

  • View Sharers 

View the Twitter users who shared the page you’re analyzing. 

  • View Backlinks

View the links pointing to the page you’re analyzing.

  • View Content By Author

View more content published by the author / journalist who’s written the piece you’re analyzing.

Website Actions

  • Most Shared Content

View the most shared content from the website that you’re analyzing.

  • Analyze Website

Get a full report on the content performance of the website you’re analyzing, including data on:

  1. No. of articles analyzed
  2. Total engagement
  3. Avg engagements
  4. Engagement & content trends over time (all networks & network comparison)
  5. Avg engagement by network
  6. Avg engagement by content types
  7. Total engagement by day published
  8. Average engagement by content length
  9. Facebook reactions

Save Article

Select a project to save your article for future analysis.

How do you install the Chrome Extension?

  1. Install the extension from the Chrome Extension store
  2. Make sure that you are registered with BuzzSumo and logged in
  3. On any article you’re viewing just click the BuzzSumo Chrome Extension logo
  4. That’s it - immediate analysis at your fingertips!

Remember, you can use the BuzzSumo Extension for free. If you sign up for a trial you’ll get 30 days of searching completely free.

After that, if you don’t opt for a paid plan, you’ll still be credited with 10 free searches a month.

How do you use the Chrome Extension?

There are tons of uses for this extension, but here’s a few examples to give you some inspiration:

Find content that excels in shares, links and ranking – then top it!

Finding the top piece of content in your niche has never been easier. Head to the SERPs, and examine the top pages returning for your keyword by hitting the Chrome Extension. 

This will help you go beyond search rankings, to find content that’s truly successful in all areas. 

Curate the top content in your industry

Content curation is all about discovering top tier content to comment on and share with your network. At a click, you can check if the content you’re viewing is worth sharing with your audience.

Pocket idea fuelling content to share with your team

There you are, sifting through your emails, trying your hardest to make it to inbox zero – but interesting articles and campaign ideas keep catching your eye. 

You open them in a tab and think: I must come back to that later. What actually happens: Those tabs stay open for weeks, until you can’t bear it anymore and close them all forever. 

It doesn’t have to be that way! 

BuzzSumo Chrome Extension not only lets you spot successful content, it enables you to bank that content and share it with your team via BuzzSumo Projects

What are the benefits of using the Chrome Extension?

Get the measure of your competitors in an instant

Explore backlinks, social shares and influencer insights that auto-update as you browse, to see just how successful your competitors really are.

Save tons of time on content research

Inform your content strategy on an ongoing basis, in a single click.

Examine any piece of content that exists online

The BuzzSumo Chrome Extension gives you access to 8bn articles – the world’s largest index of social engagement data, meaning you’ll whatever content you search, BuzzSumo will have the performance metrics.

Let the data do the talking

Sometimes you can read a piece of content and think “Wow, that’s great”, or maybe “Wow, that’s not so great”. 

But your gut instinct may not always match the general consensus. 

Let the data do the talking. Analyze while you read, and understand what makes a piece of content truly successful.

So that's the BuzzSumo Chrome Extension. You can read about more awesome SEO chrome extensions that marketers are actually using here.

Sign up for a free trial for 30 days of free searches and install the extension here.

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